About IN.MOTION School of the Performing Arts

IN.MOTION is a dance and fitness studio catering to youth, adults and professionals of all skill levels. There are classes geared for dancers with all interests from the first time youth dancer to the competitive youth dancer serious about their training, as well as the adult looking to enjoy dance as they did as a child or expand their personal horizons for the first time. IN.MOTION School of the Performing Arts houses 4 programs:

IN.MOTION YOUTH CLASSES are dedicated to the development of excellent dance training for children and teens. This program is intended for those wishing to explore dance in a supportive, "fun" atmosphere, while at the same time learning proper technique.

IN.MOTION EXCLUSIVE PROGRAMS are intensive programs geared to the development of the dedicated dancer. At each level there is a complete program for the development of the all around dancer, singer and actor.

AD.MOTION is dedicated to offering adult fitness and dance in an enjoyable mature atmosphere and manner. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced are welcomed.

PRO.MOTION is dedicated to developing individuals wishing to pursue a career in the arts or simply continue dancing post-studio/competition. Classes are also intended as an addition to current training schedule to further enhance strength and training.